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Yui Kee Computing Articles

Over the years, Yui Kee staff have written a large number of articles and conference papers about protecting against computer viruses, encryption, information security and related topics. These have been published in magazines, newspapers, conference proceedings and, most frequently, in our company newsletter. Some have not been previously published, but have only previously been available internally and to specific customers.

This site is intended to make these resources available to the web-browsing public in a more convenient (searchable) form. Articles are generally marked with the date and location of their first publication. The content is kept largely as in the original, but edited for web display (e.g., by adding links and keywords where appropriate). Some typographical errors may be corrected. In some cases, circumstances have changed radically since the first publication, dated update notes may be added to explain what has happened and the consequences.

We hope you find these articles informative and useful, possibly even entertaining.