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About CodeRed

A user asked: "I use Cable modem and my cable modem lights has been on constantly from pings of machines infected with Code Red. Will YKScan get rid of this virus?"

No, YKScan protects against viruses in email, CodeRed does not use email to spread. If you are not using Microsoft’s IIS then your machine will not get infected with CodeRed. If you are, then installing the security patch protects your machine from infection.

If you are not charged by the bandwidth you use, the constant flashing is not a concern to you - it represents bandwidth used by Code Red, but you were not using that anyway. It might be a concern for your upstream ISP, who may be overloaded by the traffic on everyone’s line...

There aren’t any good ways of dealing with the CodeRed traffic at the moment. When worms like this become common, we might see a big shift in the culture and management of the Internet in order to cope.