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Incident Update

W32/FBound.C@MM started spreading on 14th March 2002, and, according to MessageLabs' statistics, it affected Hong Kong the most. It is a simple mass-mailer, but it does have one interesting feature. In most circumstances, the Subject of the email it sends is "Important", however, if the recipient's domain name ends in ".jp" it uses one of 17 Japanese Subject lines. Initially, many different names were used for this virus, see the article on naming difficulties below.

A second mass-mailer hit on 22nd March 2002, W32/MyLife.B-MM arrives with the Subject "bill caricature" and has not yet been reported in Hong Kong. It tries to convince the user that it is not a virus by including the text, "No viruse found" in the email message. The spelling mistake should make users more suspicious, but it is useful to remember that any part of an email message might not be true.