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Product News: eSafe Appliance

Staying ahead of Internet malware

You’ve taken a multilayer approach to security and you’ve got antivirus gateway software. You use the latest virus signature updates. You spend considerable time to patch your operational system regularly. If you presume that all this qualifies for a reasonable protection against content security threats, you may be wrong.

The reactive approach: just waiting for new virus updates and security patches to come up is not enough to counter the rising tide of malicious mobile code. What you need is a solution that keeps your Internet traffic protected even during a several-hour window until the next patch comes up. Aladdin’s eSafe Appliance can do just that to insure clean information flow in your organization.

Introducing eSafe Appliance

Aladdin offers industry’s first OPSEC compliant Content Security appliance designed to defend your organization against fast-spreading Internet threats. Under the hood, you will find top-performance hardware, hardened OS and award-winning eSafe technology. All its components are fully integrated and optimised to eliminate viruses, worms and trojans. Installable in less than 15 minutes and manageable via user-friendly GUI, eSafe Appliance protects straight out of box, thanks to smart initial settings. What make it cost effective are everything-included approach, self-update capability, secure remote management and performance-oriented architecture.

Proactive Content Security software and hardened Operational System combined in eSafe Appliance are capable of recognizing and countering many classes of unknown threats. It is backed by sophisticated auto-update mechanism designed to keep the stress out of the IT staff.

The challenge

Many companies are using multipurpose server platforms with anti-virus and content security software. The integration and support of software, hardware and OS coming from different vendors is always time and resources consuming operation. Moreover, with a general purpose operational system it is necessary to make frequent checks for bug patches and other security holes. Installation of patches and hot fixes to deal with the vulnerability to hacker attacks as well as hardware maintenance and upgrades are not coming cheap either.

It’s always matter how up to date your anti-virus software is. However, the signature updates alone do not allow you to stay ahead of the new threats. There always is a several-hour gap between the detection of new malware and the release of a signature. A solution that gives that extra cover to your Internet traffic during the exposure period can be literally a lifesaver.

Nowadays, IT managers have to fight for every penny for a security budget and the MIS personal is shrinking. Therefore one have to make sure that the initial investment in the security solution does no become a money pit. What makes it for a cost effective solution is a device that is easy to install, remotely manageable, self-updating and that can easily compliment the existing security infrastructure such as firewall, anti-virus and content security tools.

The solution

The eSafe appliance is a fully integrated hardware product that ships complete with 24x22x5.5 cm hardware box, cables, Quick Start Guides, Administration Manual and a CD with eConsole management software and additional documentation in electronic form. One can have it up and running in less than 15 minutes. All it takes is to get the Appliance out of box, plug it to the power grid, to the network and connect to the eSafe Manager Web administration interface via the default IP address. The instant that the box has been configured with the proper IP, it becomes fully functional. All further configuration is performed centrally via eConsole management software that immediately discovers the newly installed eSafe Appliance.

eSafe Appliance can be configured either in CVP mode for joint work with Check Point Firewall-1 or as a standalone SMTP gateway.

Many organizations leverage existing Firewall-1 software or brand new firewall appliances for proactive content security with eSafe Appliance working as CVP scanner. All it takes is to make a few software definitions according to detailed, easy to follow procedures from the eSafe manual. The eSafe Appliance in CVP mode of operation provides with a full protection against threats coming from Internet via popular HTTP, FTP and SMTP protocols.

eSafe Appliance with eSafe Mail SMTP license is a completely standalone solution and works transparently with any firewall, mail-relay or SMTP mail server. For a seamless integration with your MTA of choice, sitting in DMZ or for that internal mail server taking a heat from the Internet all you have to adjust is a few configuration parameters. Again it is done via the intuitive GUI.

With eSafe Appliance, the network’s anti-virus protection and content security needs are served without any unexpected maintenance. The eSafe Appliance is a cute little box. It just sits where you plug it in and does its job without a problem. Service providers love the fact, that it can be managed remotely via secured interface, while the end user gets all the security information and statistics on the desktop via eConsole.

The Proactive Security capability of eSafe Appliance is baked by built-in automatic update mechanism that keeps its system software, content security engine and virus definitions up to date. Now, that the routine maintenance tasks and hardware integration headaches are gone, your MIS and Service Provider’s staff can focus on other things.

Under the Hood

The eSafe Appliance is an embedded system sporting a 700 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 10 GB internal storage and 10/100 Mbps network interface. It features a hardened Linux operational system that is governed by eSafe Manager administration tool. The eSafe Manager is a Web GUI that is secured via SSL. The centrepiece of the Appliance is award-winning eSafe content security technology. This technology goes far beyond just an anti-virus an order to protect the users against viruses, trojans, worms and other content security threats. All the configuration, monitoring and statistics gathering concerning the state of content security policy are centrally managed via eConsole. This user-friendly yet sophisticated GUI is capable of running on a Windows workstation. The eSafe Appliance comes preinstalled and preconfigured, together with 30-days evaluation license.

The eSafe Appliance is a server dedicated to a single function, therefore it offers unprecedented level of timesavings and reliability. That makes for a cost effective solution for enterprise protection against viruses and malicious mobile code. eSafe Appliance is a Proactive Content Security solution. It compliments and integrates with many elements of existing security infrastructure. For more information, please contact our Sales Dept at Tel. 25550209, Fax. 28736164 or E-mail: