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Recently, subscribers to this mailing list have received unnecessary virus warnings about infected emails from us - this was the result of miss-configuration of our email anti-virus scanner. We apologise for the inconvenience.

How did this occur? All our incoming and outgoing email to gets scanned for viruses (we do have an alternate domain, where incoming email is not scanned, so that we can receive samples for investigation by technical support). When an infected message is identified, a warning message is sent to the sender and recipient. Apparently, someone got infected with the worm W32/Bugbear.A, the worm found the address of our newsletter mailing list,, on the machine (this probably means they are a recipient of this newsletter) and sent itself to that address. is a moderated list, so email from anyone except the moderators will be rejected. However, the email is scanned for viruses before the list checks, and the warning message was sent from the address of one of the moderators of the list, so the warning message was accepted for delivery to all the list members. We have now changed the configuration of the virus scanner so that warning messages are not sent from any list moderator's email address. This will prevent a repetition of the problem, as the mailing lists will now reject messages from the virus scanner.