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HKCERT Seminar

Our Chief Consultant, Allan Dyer, spoke on "The Slammer Worm and the Trend of Massive Attacks" at the Hongkong CERT seminar titled, "Incident Response on the Hostile Network", on 18 March 2003. Mr Dyer noted that even a site not vulnerable to a particular attack can be adversely affected if other sites sharing the same ISP flood the connection, and emphasised the need to treat computer viruses and worms like a public health problem.

Other speakers included Roy Ko, Centre Manager of HKCERT/CC, York Mok, Chairman of HKISPA, and Wilson Leung, Premier Support Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong.

Materials from the seminar are available from the HKCERT website:


Allan Dyer speaking at the HKCERT SeminarAllan Dyer speaking at the HKCERT Seminar hi-res

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