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China (Tianjin) 2003 Information Security Executive Forum & China Computer Virus Incident Survey Press Conference

The National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre, based in Tianjin, held a press conference on 20 October 2003 to announce the results of their third annual computer virus survey.

The results showed that the prevalence of computer viruses in China continues to rise. Also, many users are being hit three or more times.

A lucky draw was held for the survey respondants.

Immediately following the press conference, the Information Security Executive Forum was held. It featured many international speakers. Our Chief Consultant and AVAR President, Allan Dyer, spoke on "What is so Bad About Teaching Virus Writing".

Allan was not the only speaker from AVAR, Seiji Murakami, the Chairman from Japan; Charles Ahn from Korea and Randy Abrams from USA, Vice Presidents.

Chinese speakers included Shen Chang Xiang of the Engineering Academy of China, speaking on Active Defence; Du Yuejin of the National Computer Network and Security Management Centre, speaking about responding to Internet Worms; and Yang Yi Xian of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications speaking about cryptographic techniques.

There were over 100 attendees, and the forum ended on 21 October with a visit to the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre itself.


Fig. 1: Survey ResultsFig. 1: Survey Results hi-res
Fig. 2: Survey ResultsFig. 2: Survey Results hi-res
Allan Dyer speaking in TianjinAllan Dyer speaking in Tianjin hi-res