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Spyware Goes Commercial

Recent Spam with the subject, "What does your Lover do on the Internet?" has been offering an $89 program called LoverSpy. It claims, "Spy on Anyone by sending them an E-Greeting Card!", and, unlike the claims in most other Spam, it works.

However, nosey users should beware, "Sending this to someone with the intention of tricking them into running it is almost certainly a crime under the Computer Crimes Ordinance in Hong Kong" said Allan Dyer, Chief Consultant of Yui Kee Computing. Also, the fine print of the program's legal agreement allows LoverSpy's producers to look through the files!

"For just $89 you can disclose your lover's secrets, perhaps including their online banking password, to an unknown company, and get yourself thrown into jail, what a bargain!", said Allan Dyer.

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