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F-Secure Opens San Jose Anti-Virus Research Lab

San Jose, Calif., August 30, 2004 - F-Secure® Corporation (HEX: FSC), a worldwide leader in antivirus and intrusion prevention software, announced today that it has opened an anti-virus research lab in San Jose, California. The lab will share 24-hour anti-virus research responsibilities with F-Secure's other award-winning anti-virus research labs.

Tzvetan Chaliavski from Bulgaria and Ero Carrera from Spain will staff the San Jose research lab. Chaliavski comes to F-Secure from the Command Antivirus/Authentium team in Florida, and Carrera is moving to San Jose from F-Secure's Finland office.

Both cybersecurity professionals are recognized experts in the antivirus community. Tzvetan "Ceco" Chaliavski has worked in the anti-virus industry for more than ten years, and started in the Bulgarian National Laboratory of Computer Virology. Ero Carrera is credited with cracking the Mydoom virus, the largest e-mail outbreak ever, in less than two hours in January 2004.

"The virus writers have been extremely active lately, so we want to have our best researchers always available," said Mikko Hypponen, global director of antivirus research at F-Secure. "When Europe sleeps, USA works and vice versa. All of our researchers focus on global security threats, not just local situations."