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Soccer Fans Targeted

A version of the Sober worm (W32/Sober.N) spread widely at the beginning of May in email messages purporting to be from the world soccer body, FIFA. The message claims that the recipient has been successful in applying for World Cup tickets, and instructs the victim to open the attachment, which, of course, contains the worm. The message is written in English or German, depending on the domain of the recipient address.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, said "Computer users who don't practice safe computing will feel as sick as a parrot, and will only be passing this worm onto other unsuspecting victims."

This is not the first time the World Cup has been targeted by virus writers, in 1998 WM97/ZMK-J hit and in 2002 the event saw VBS/Chick-F.

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