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HK Scores a World-First

The HK Scout Association, the HK Motion Picture Association (MPA), and the Intellectual Property (IPD) and Customs & Excise Departments of the HK Government have launched the world’s first Scout Badge on Intellectual Property Rights. At least, it is assumed that the Customs & Excise Department is involved, but although the Press Release on the IPD website lists them, the Customs & Excise Department website contains no mention of the launch.

Reaction around the world has been mixed, with some questioning the appropriateness of the badge. Declan McCullagh commented, "It's not clear, though, how much time the MPA's merit badge curriculum will devote to the value of fair use, the problems that region coding on DVDs can create for legitimate purchasers, and the unintended consequences of 'anti-circumvention' laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act."

Perhaps a better way to foster respect for creativity is to encourage young people to be creative thus experiencing the effort involved.

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