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Free SSH Tectia Training for System Integrators

Yui Kee Computing Limited and SSH Communication Security Corp. will jointly organize a Free Seminar on SSH Tectia Solutions in February 2006. This seminar is intended for solution consultants, system integrators and system engineers. It introduces the SSH Tectia Solution and the new SSH G3™ Technology.

SSH Tectia Solution is a comprehensive application security solution targeted toward government, financial and large corporate organizations.

SSH as a technology is a de facto security technology supported by leading IT vendors and used by thousand of organizations worldwide. Traditionally however, customers procure SSH products on a case-by-case basis, mostly for system administration purpose.

With the introduction of the SSH Tectia Solution, SSH becomes a multi-platform / multi-application security solution, based on the existing SSH infrastructure. This allows IT solution providers to dramatically improve their solutions and services to their customers while lowering the system’s cost of ownership, leveraging the trusted and reliable SSH technology.

Through this seminar, SSH hopes that the participants will be able to leverage their existing SSH related business towards higher added value solutions and services.

Date:20 February 2006, 10:00 - 17:00
Speakers:JB Dumerc, Vice President, SSH Communications Security Corp
Nicolas Gabriel-Robez, SSH Communications Security Corp
Katsuhiro Shogawa, SSH Communications Security Corp