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Selling Malware

Dutch company Frame4 Security Systems plans sell access to their malware collection, starting from 1 February. The scheme is called MD:Pro. The service is promoted as offering "developers of security systems and anti-malware products a vast collection of downloadable malware from a secure and reliable source". They claim that many of the samples would be "undetectable" by anti-virus products, which therefore suggests that the samples may not be viruses.

Anthony Aykut of Frame4 Security Systems claimed, "It will be a closed list and applications will be checked. Members would not be allowed to distribute virus samples." Members of the anti-virus industry have reacted negatively to the scheme, "The Malware Distribution Project is not that different from many of the VX [virus writer] websites that exist on the net. It presents itself as being available for research purposes, but mentions nothing about restricting access to trusted, responsible members of the security community. Indeed, its barrier for entry appears to be hard cash rather than trust," said Graham Cluley of Sophos.

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