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ICAC Claims it doesn't use Foxy

First published: 30th April 2009

Following the leak of a letter sent to them, Hong Kong's ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) has reviewed their internal IT system and confirmed that they have not installed the Foxy file-sharing software. Foxy is popular in Hong Kong, probably because of its Chinese-language interface, and has become notorious since it was used to widely distribute Edison Chen's private photos and it's involvement in the leakage of Police documents. The default Foxy installation options are probably more permissive about sharing than many users realise.

In the latest case, a Foxy user downloaded a letter dated Sep 2005 from a bank to the ICAC and three companies under ICAC investigation and their bank account numbers were also leaked on the Internet. In a statement, the ICAC said, "Following internal inquiries, it is established that the Commission doesn't possess any soft copy of the document concerned. In 2005, we only received a signed letter from the bank in the form of a hard copy, which was apparently different from the document reportedly leaked on the internet".

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