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Paypal Admits Loosing Suspicious Email Reports

First published: 31st October 2009

Approaching two months after Paypal was informed about lack of follow-up on suspicious email reports, Paypal has admitted that it is "endeavoring to find" previous reports, and claimed that they, "have fixed the issue after we receive your feedbacks and the address is working now for Hong Kong users to send fake emails for review", without specifying what "the issue" was.

Paypal has been asked for details of the issue, and how long it persisted, their response will be reported in a follow-up article.

Updated: 11th December 2009

Paypal has responded to a number of suspicious emails, reported to their address, thus confirming that the address is now working correctly.

Paypal has confirmed that the messages were genuine, but sent in a different language to the user's configured Language Preference. The language was Traditional Chinese, based on the account being registered in Hong Kong. Paypal plans to set up multi-language notification messages in 2010. Paypal's introduction of a multi-lingual website also caused problems for users in 2008.

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