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A Quiet Month?

First published: 28th February 2011

Allan Dyer

So, was February a quiet month? The articles here reflect events that have attracted my interest, and are relevant to information security. However, I don't want this newsletter to just be a "me too", so I try to make sure that an article here adds a perspective or analysis, or brings a deserving item to a wider audience.

From that point of view, February was quiet. There was a lot going on - the usual vulnerability announcements and patch releases, the ongoing Wikileaks ensemble, including the Julian Assange saga, and Anonymous' growing conflicts, the disappearance of Gmail accounts, and a ZeuS trojan attacking a bank's 2-factor authentication - but where is the value-add for this newsletter?

If you think there are important stories that should have been covered here, please let me know.

Meanwhile, for those interested in Chinese Astrology, as we have just entered the year of the Metal Hare or Rabbit, who is an introspective, home loving pacifist with a sharp business acumen who will ensure the preservation of his own creature comforts to the exclusion of outsiders. Law and order will be lax; rules and regulations will not be rigidly enforced. This has conflicting indications for information security... on the one hand, we can expect less aggression from attackers, and better maintenance of protective systems, but careless handling of policies and procedures. For good Information Security Feng Shui, put firewalls at your control boundaries.

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