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HKMA Warns About Fake Fubon Bank Website

First published: 11th February 2014

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has issued an alert about a fraudulent website with the domain name "", which is similar to that of the official website of Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited. The bank has clarified that it has no connection with the fraudulent website.

The domain is registered to an address in Queensland, Australia. At the time of writing, the website is hosted on a server in the Virgin Islands, and is a domain parking page, not visually similar to the official Fubon Bank website. The text "This domain is for sale. Click here for more information." is an obvious clue that it is not a regular banking website.

If you have provided personal information or conducted financial transactions through the website, contact Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited at 2566 8181 and any local Police Station or the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force at 2860 5012 immediately.


Domain name similar but contents dissimilar to Fubon BankDomain name similar but contents dissimilar to Fubon Bank hi-res

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