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Cyber Security Professionals Award Ceremony

First published: 09th January 2017

Sixty-one individuals were recognised at the first Cyber Security Professionals Award ceremony, held on the 6th January at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Speaking at the award ceremony, Secretary for Security TK Lai said: “We will not leave the trend of cybercrime unchecked". He also quoted the Symantec 2016 Internet Security Threat Report as saying that Hong Kong climbed from 58th place in 2014 to 7th in 2016 in the regional threat ranking for Asia-Pacific. Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo said Hong Kong must ensure its cyber security measures keep pace with the changing nature of cyber threats. He emphasised the importance of all stakeholders working together to pool and leverage resources, develop expertise and create security solutions.

The Cyber Security Professionals Awards are co-organised by Hong Kong Police Force, the Government Computer Emergency Response Team Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre. Their aim to motivate the cyber security personnel to professionalize their capabilities in preventing and detecting technology crimes as well as cyber attacks.

The awards were made to individuals who have outstanding performance in the cyber security field in four sectors: (i) Banking & Finance, (ii) Transportation, (iii) Communications and (iv) Public Utilities. The full list of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit awards in each sector are on the Cyber Security Professionals website.

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