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Hong Kong Police Hosts Cyber Security Consortium 2018

First published: 27th October 2018

Cyber Security Consortium 2018 included a 2-day conference on 23 and 24 October, and a law-enforcement-only session on 25 October. Organised by the Hong Kong Police, the forum was attended by law-enforcement officers from the Mainland, Macau and 17 overseas countries as well as cyber security experts and industry leaders from around the world.

The event provided a platform for participants to share their latest knowledge of cyber security and the best practices to protect critical infrastructure and in incident response.

In his welcoming remarks, Acting Commissioner of Police Lau Yip-shing said that collaboration, strategy, and continuous training and research are crucial in the face of increasing cyber security threats. He added that he hopes participants could gain up-to-date knowledge on cyber security, and strengthen collaboration to cope with the cyber security challenges ahead through the sharing at the consortium.

Under Secretary for Innovation & Technology David Chung said new cyber security threats and technology crimes have emerged quickly with the rapid development of technology. He added, “It is therefore important for all of us to take a holistic and proactive approach to protect our digital economy and assets while maintaining an innovative culture and a vibrant society". He noted the Government has been strengthening collaboration with stakeholders to improve the cyber resilience of Hong Kong.

Speakers brought insights from commercial security companies, including Kaspersky Lab, Symantec and Trend Micro, Government organisations, like the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Banks, foreign law enforcement, including the FBI, NCA, Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit and INTERPOL, APNIC, HKCERT and others from across the world.

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