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Occasional Security Webcomic Hit by Forum Credential Leak

First published: 04th September 2019

XKCD, the webcomic that brought us correcthorsebatterystaple has suffered a data breach that impacted 562k subscribers. Users of should remember XKCD's strip on password reuse:

Password Reuse

The comic on hacking concisely illustrates what is happening:

How Hacking Works

According to data-breach reporting website Have I Been Pwned?, white hat security researcher and data analyst Adam Davies reported the breach. In July 2019 the forum for the webcomic, which uses phpBB, leaked usernames, email and IP addresses and salted, hashed passwords stored in MD5 phpBB3 format.

The forum has been taken offline, and returns a 503 Service Unavailable error, with the warning:

If you're an forums user, you should immediately change your password for any other accounts on which you used the same or a similar password.

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