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A Reminder of Old Advice

First published: 24th April 2020

Seventeen years ago, the South China Morning Post published a short article by Yui Kee Chief Consultant Allan Dyer. At that time, there was an increase in teleworking (now referred to as WFH, "Work From Home") due to the emergence of SARS. The article warned about increased information security risks due to this change in behaviour.

The information security landscape has changed many ways in 17 years, ransomeware has replaced computer viruses, but the advice is still relevant today: The home PC should be protected to the same level as the corporate network, install the latest security patches, and a VPN and endpoint security software are vital components in securing remote users. Businesses should educate home users about their vital role in strengthening corporate security.

Stay healthy. Stay secure.


South China Morning Post Article from 2003-04-29South China Morning Post Article from 2003-04-29 hi-res