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First published: 11th February 1998

International Success Recognized by Head of State

The developer of F-Secure data security products, Data Fellows Ltd., has received the President of Finland's Export Award. This award is granted annually to the most outstanding export companies in the country. This is the first time a developer of commercial software packages has been granted the award.

Data Fellows is one of the world's leading developers of data security products. It has offices in San Jose, California, and Espoo, Finland, as well as distributors in over 50 countries all around the world. Its products have been translated to over 30 languages. The company's annual growth in net sales has been over 100% since it was founded in 1988.

"The award is a recognition of our status as a leading international data security development company," says the Chief Executive Officer of Data Fellows Ltd., Mr. Risto Siilasmaa. "I believe our success is based on two things: excellent products and high quality services."

The most successful product group of the company is its F-Secure Anti-Virus products. Data Fellows is the developer of the revolutionary CounterSign Technology, which enables the use of several scanning engines simultaneously. Due to this groundbreaking technology, the theoretical chances of a virus slipping through to a computer or a network are smaller than ever. F-Secure Anti-Virus offers unrivalled protection by combining the best available single scanning engine F-PROT with the AVP anti-virus
engine, which also ranks among the best in the world.

Another fast growing business area for Data Fellows is its F-Secure cryptography software products. The F-Secure product family uses the best available military strength encryption and authentification algorithms to protect confidential data. F-Secure products are based on the SSH protocol, which provides a generic transport-layer encryption mechanism for network connections. The SSH protocol provides both host authentication and user authentication, together with privacy and integrity protection.

The products of Data Fellows have already won numerous international tests and competitions, including the 1996 European Information Technology Prize; Data Communications Magazine's Hot Product of the Year 1997; SVM Magazine, May 1997, Best Anti-Virus; and SECURE Computing's Editor's Choice.

Data Fellows belongs to an elite group of companies that have a triple-A rating from Dun&Bradstreet. Triple-A is the highest possible credit rating.