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First published: 20th March 1998

The improved F-Secure SSH product family is a unique tool for secure remote systems administration

ESPOO, FINLAND --- Data Fellows, a leading provider of Internet security solutions, has launched new versions of its famous F-Secure SSH products.

F-Secure SSH Tunnel&Terminal and F-Secure SSH Server protect TCP/IP-based terminal connections in UNIX, Windows and Macintosh environments. They enable remote systems administrators and telecommuters to access corporate networks via any Internet Service Provider without revealing system passwords and other secrets to possible eavesdroppers.

"In addition to providing secure login connections, F-Secure SSH Server secures all remote systems administration tasks by providing secure tools to replace the existing rsh, rlogin, rcp, rdist and telnet protocols," says Mr. Olli Voima, Product Development Manager of F-Secure SSH. "As a new feature, the secure file transfer application offers an easy-to-use graphical interface for the safe transfer of files."

F-Secure SSH Tunnel&Terminal and F-Secure SSH Server support the forwarding of TCP/IP services like pop, smtp (used by e-mail software), http (used by Web browsers), etc., or almost any other TCP/IP-based service. The local proxy server in F-Secure SSH Tunnel&Terminal listens for a socket on the desired port and forwards the request and data over the secure channel. It then instructs the F-Secure SSH Server to make the connection to the specified service on the remote machine. Automatic forwarding of the X11 Windowing System secures graphical applications.

F-Secure SSH products are based on the SSH protocol, an application level security mechanism used in conjunction with Internet protocols.

"The SSH protocol is the most widely audited and standardized security protocol in the world," says Mr. Voima. "Its strong end-user authentication and encryption leave no room for security compromises. As a European company, Data Fellows is not restricted by the US export regulations, and has thus been able to make strong encryption available worldwide. F-Secure SSH host authentication is based on 1024-bit RSA keys, and the secure connections use 128-bit session keys."

In addition to being strongly secured, the F-Secure SSH products are easy to use. The single sign-on technology makes the handling of multiple terminal sessions simple.

Says Mr. Voima: "Easy-to-use and strongly secured, F-Secure SSH is a truly unique security solution for remote systems administration."

About Data Fellows:

Data Fellows is one of the world's leading developers of data security products with offices in San Jose, California and Espoo, Finland. Its groundbreaking F-Secure product family is a unique combination of globally available, strong encryption and revolutionary anti-virus software. The integrated F-Secure product range provides a complete security solution for enterprises, and includes file encryption and IPSec communication
encryption products, VPN gateways, SSH based secure remote management software, and a full range of anti-virus products to workstations, servers and gateways. Data Fellows is also the developer of the award winning F-PROT Professional anti-virus, now part of the dual scanning engine concept of F-Secure Anti-Virus.

Data Fellows is privately owned. Since it was founded in 1988, its annual net growth of net sales has been over 80%. Data Fellows offers a worldwide network of technical support, training and distribution in over 70 countries. Data Fellows belongs to an elite group of companies that have a triple-A rating from Dun&Bradstreet.