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"Getting Ready for IT Education at School" Seminars a Great Success

First published: 20th April 1998

The seminars, hosted by Yui Kee, IBM, Final Information Systems, CD Team and CPS were held at the HKCEC on Saturday 18 April, were attended by over 95 Secondary School teachers. The subjects covered included Anti-virus and Data Security, an introduction to the Internet, Network management and maintenance and Multimedia and Educational software.

The educators showed a keen interest in the talks and demonstrations, and a brief survey revealed they found the sessions useful:

Session1 (not useful at all)2345 (very useful)
Anti-Virus & Data Security0%3%23%45%29%
Internet Introduction1%4%29%44%22%
Network Management and Maintainence0%0%13%46%41%
Multimedia and Educational Software Introduction5%8%41%28%18%
Most of the teachers intended to provide Internet access for their students within a year.
"Will your school plan to provide Internet access to your students?"
Within 3 months16%
Within 4-6 months9%
Within 7-12 months29%
No Plan46%