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First published: 03rd July 1998

New Product Provides Centrally Managed Protection for Corporate System Services

Helsinki, Finland, July 3, 1998 -- Data Fellows, a leading developer of anti-virus software, today announced F-Secure Anti-Virus Agent & Server. This product will provide corporate system services with centrally managed, scalable protection against malicious code.

"F-Secure Anti-Virus Agent & Server can be easily integrated into the existing management architecture, and provides a single point from which the protection of different services can be managed," says Mr. Teemu Lehtonen, Product Manager, Data Fellows. "Protecting your system couldn't be easier, and it is also completely unobtrusive to the end-user."

Each protected system has its own unique F-Secure Anti-Virus Agent. The protected systems may vary from mail servers to database servers. In the first phase, Data Fellows will be releasing F-Secure Anti-Virus Exchange Agent (for the Microsoft Exchange server), F-Secure Anti-Virus Notes Agent (for the Lotus Notes/Domino server), and F-Secure Anti-Virus CVP Agent (for CVP compliant firewalls). F-Secure Anti-Virus SMPT Agent will be released later.

F-Secure Anti-Virus Server provides core services to the Agents. These include malicious code detection and removal; quarantine for the malicious data so that it can be stored and processed further by the administrator; and reporting and alerting. F-Secure Anti-Virus Server receives requests from the different Agents and passes these requests to the Agent Processor. The Agent Processor processes the requests using the services of F-Secure Anti-Virus Server. The results are returned to the Agent and the processed data made available in the system.

"The beauty of this product is its scalability," says Mr. Lehtonen. "Different services can use the same server, and more servers can be installed, if the number of agents increases. Therefore this solution is ideal for corporations of any size."

F-Secure Anti-Virus Agent & Server will be available from the Data Fellows resellers at the end of July 1998. The products will eventually replace F-Secure Anti-Virus for Firewalls and F-Secure Anti-Virus Mail Gateway.

About F-Secure Anti-Virus

F-Secure Anti-Virus is a revolutionary departure from traditional anti-virus products. Based on the new CounterSign technology, it allows multiple virus scanning engines to work simultaneously within the same framework. The product is already equipped with two award-winning scanning engines, F-PROT Professional and AVP, and can accommodate additional engines anytime.

The detection rate of F-Secure Anti-Virus is outstanding. Within a month of its release, the product won seven comparative reviews by respected computer magazines, and its success has continued. F-Secure Anti-Virus also features automated installation, alerts and updates, as well as centralized administration. It therefore provides easy-to-use, integrated protection for organizations of any size.