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Data Fellows Secures the World's Largest Computer Demo Event

First published: 13th July 1998

Assembly '98 Sponsored by F-Secure Data Security Products

Data Fellows, one of the world's leading data security development companies, is proud to support Assembly '98, the world's largest computer demo event. Data Fellows will also maintain data security during the happening.

Assembly is an annual computer multimedia event, celebrated in Helsinki, Finland. It gathers amateurs and professionals from all over the world to meet other demo experts and compete in the art of demo making. A demo binds thrilling graphics and animations with massive sound effects to form a multimedia presentation of computer programming.

Assembly '98 will be held during 7th - 9th of August 1998 and is expecting 3000 visitors. Prizes worth more than $25,000 USD will be awarded.

The F-Secure Anti-Virus product will be used to protect the main file servers of Assembly '98 against viruses. Copies of the product will also be distributed to all participants. The F-Secure Network Encryption products will be used to protect the network traffic of the ad-hoc Assembly network - which is hooked live to the Internet.

"Protecting a happening like Assembly is certainly a challenge", comments Data Fellows' Manager of Anti-Virus Research, Mr. Mikko Hypponen. "However, we've been co-operating with Assembly organizers all along since 1993, and I'm sure of yet another success."

"We do realise that the stereotype of a demo coder and the stereotype of a virus writer are pretty close to each other - both are often male teenagers who are experts with low-level programming." Continues Hypponen. "That's why we want to promote a happening like Assembly, which shows these young people a way to use their programming talents in a safe and productive way."

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Data Fellows is the world's leading data security development company with offices in San Jose, California, and Espoo, Finland. Its innovative, award winning F-Secure product range consists of a unique combination of strong encryption and revolutionary anti-virus software. Data Fellows has a support, training and distribution network covering over 80 countries around the world.

Data Fellows is privately held. The annual growth in net sales has been close to 100% since the company was founded in 1988. Data Fellows belongs to an elite group of companies that have a triple-A credit rating from Dun&Bradstreet.