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Data Fellows F-Secure VPN+ demo; An easy way to test strong Internet encryption

First published: 10th December 1998

Espoo, Finland, December 10, 1998. - Data Fellows, one of the world's leading developers of anti-virus and encryption software, has set up a demo of the commercial version of F-Secure VPN+, whereby companies can test an encrypted IPSec connection between their own machine and a VPN+ Server at the Data Fellows site. The supported platform is Windows NT 4.0 (Intel) with an Ethernet network adapter. The release works on both single and multi-processor machines.

An encrypted IPSec connection can be set up by downloading and installing the F-Secure VPN+ Demo Client, available at the Data Fellows web site (, and connecting through it to the F-Secure VPN+ server. This set-up in no way affects a company's other network traffic; all other hosts and network services may be accessed as usual. Unlike the commercial version of VPN+, it is not possible to create encrypted connections to hosts other than This server cannot be contacted without the VPN+ demo client.

The demo client has been configured to establish an IPSec encrypted (3des) connection to (IP: A random session key will be negotiated for each connection. Host authentication is performed using a shared secret 0x462D534543555245 (i.e. "F-SECURE" in hex). Access to all other networks (local/Internet) is provided without additional IPSec security.

In the commercial version of F-Secure VPN+, the network administrator determines which connections are permitted and which connections need to be encrypted. The commercial version of the product features F-Secure Administrator for central management, network wide security policy distribution and F-Secure VPN+ Certificate Wizard for a complete VPN Certificate Authority service.

In addition to F-Secure VPN+ Demo Client, a Lotus ScreenCam presentation of F-Secure Administrator can be downloaded, as well as the user's manual of the commercial version. The presentation shows how easily the network administrator can create and maintain a security policy for the whole Virtual Private Network.

End-user installation of the commercial version can be done using AUTOINST network-wide deployment tools and it provides a fully transparent network security solution to the user. No user-interfaces are left to the user to stumble with.