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Data Fellows and CA announce technology development partnership

First published: 22nd January 1999

Helsinki, Finland - Data Fellows Ltd., a leading data security vendor, today announced a technology development partnership with Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) resulting in the integration of Data Fellows F-Secure Workstation Suite with CA's Unicenter TNG, the industry leading end-to-end enterprise management solution. Data Fellows has also joined the CA Development Partner Program and is making available the F-Secure Workstation Suite for Unicenter TNG.

F-Secure Workstation Suite provides a reliable and easy-to-manage solution for the data security concerns of modern corporations. It consists of unobtrusive file and network encryption as well as malicious code detection, all integrated into a policy-based management architecture. This partnership extends the benefits of data security technology (anti-virus, cryptography and network security) to end-to-end enterprise management, enabling IT administration to secure enterprises more efficiently with strong encryption for network traffic and files stored on the hard disk.

F-Secure Workstation Suite for Unicenter TNG provides users of Unicenter TNG with an option to use the F-Secure Workstation Suite to configure, control and monitor their system and network security environment with encryption through Unicenter TNG. The integration is ideal for customers who have chosen Unicenter TNG as their enterprise management solution of choice and who also will use F-Secure Workstation Suite for their data security and want to combine it with Unicenter TNG's management capabilities.

"It is very important for Data Fellows to provide comprehensive security solutions that will work in the specific management environments in which our customers have invested," said Risto Siilasmaa, President and CEO of Data Fellows. "By combining F-Secure Workstation Suite with the extensive management capabilities of Unicenter TNG, our partnership with Computer Associates creates a new approach to securing data throughout the enterprise for our clients".

Integration between these two products will allow administrators to discover, manage and monitor all secured end-user workstations using Unicenter TNG and F-Secure Management Agent technology. The real-time alerts and event notifications of F-Secure Workstation Suite are automatically delivered to Unicenter TNG, which in turn delivers the appropriate response. The integration also allows distribution, installation configuration, activation, verification, updating and de-installation of F-Secure products from a central point using Unicenter TNG Software Delivery.

"F-Secure provides Unicenter TNG users with additional flexibility for meeting today's stringent security requirements," said Brian Shemilt, CA vice president of development partner programs. "We are pleased that F-Secure has joined the Unicenter TNG security solutions family."