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Data Fellows Introduces F-Secure NameSurfer Version 2.0

First published: 23rd February 1999

Yui Kee, the leader in Internet security solutions in Hong Kong, leader in Internet security solutions, has today announced the new version 2.0 of Data Fellows' F-Secure NameSurfer DNS (Domain Name System) management tool.

DNS translates host names to IP addresses and is a critical component of any IP based network. F-Secure NameSurfer provides network managers an easy-to-use Web interface for DNS administration, saving time and maintenance resources. Its intuitive graphical user interface and automatic error checking prevent network managers from generating faulty DNS data. Faulty DNS data can bring down the entire IP network, so correctness of DNS data is essential for reliable and secure Internet and intranets.

F-Secure NameSurfer 2.0 has been extensively restructured to achieve peerless performance in the markets, especially in large DNS installations. The new version also makes it possible to prevent the network manager from creating address records whose IP address falls outside his own network. Thus, ISPs can give their customers the permission to change addresses and still be sure that customers stay in their own network zone.

F-Secure NameSurfer translates into significant savings in network management. The intuitive graphical user interface saves network managers' time in doing DNS configurations. The configurations can be done remotely and by multiple network managers with personal administration rights. The routine tasks can be delegated to clerical staff. Ultimately even end-users or ISP customers can administer their own DNS data, with a Web browser, as a self-service.

Prime target customer groups for F-Secure NameSurfer are telecommunication operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and other organizations that need the best tool in the markets to manage Internet or intranet security. Among F-Secure NameSurfer customers are ISPs like US WEST INTERACT, Concentric Network Corporation, and The Finnish University and Research Network, as well as international corporate customers such as Barclays Bank PLC, Motorola Semiconductor Product Services, and UPM-Kymmene.

F-Secure NameSurfer 2.0 is now available from Yui Kee's dealers in Hong Kong, and Data Fellows' resellers around the world. The product is available for all the popular Unix platforms. Pricing starts at HK$7182.