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Data Fellows warns of Back Orifice 2000

First published: 09th July 1999

New trojan will be detected as soon as it is released

Espoo, Finland - Data Fellows, one of the worlds leading developers of anti-virus and encryption software, is warning computer users about Back Orifice 2000, a new version of the Back Orifice backdoor trojan.

Written by the Cult of The Dead Cow, BO2K allows outsiders to access and modify any information on a Windows 95, 98 and NT machine through an invisible server program installed by the program. It also allows outsiders to spy on what the user is doing.

BO2K is expected to be revealed during the Def Con 7 conference in Las Vegas in July 1999, and it is expected to be released a week or two later by the Cult.

Data Fellows will analyze BO2K as soon as it is released by the CDC and will be adding detection and removal of it to F-Secure Anti-Virus within hours after a sample of the program has been received. The detection and removal of BO2K will be provided, as usual, as a free update to all users of FSAV.