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F-Secure Anti-Virus adds Detection of BO2K

First published: 13th July 1999

F-Secure Anti-Virus now detects the new version of the Back Orifice back door utility

Espoo, July 12, 1999 -- Data Fellows, the global leader in anti-virus and encryption software, today announced that it has added detection of the Back Orifice 2000 utility into F-Secure Anti-Virus. Back Orifice can be used to remotely control a Windows workstation, such as to read and write files, send messages, listen to the microphone, etc.

Back Orifice is a remote administration tool for Windows. It allows outsiders to access and modify any information on a Windows 95, 98 and NT machine through an invisible server program installed by the program. After the program has installed itself, the machine can be accessed and controlled using the Back Orifice client. This means that a malicious person could control a Windows workstation across the Internet, even from another country.

Detection of Back Orifice 2000 has now been added to F-Secure Anti-Virus.