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F-Secure products now fully integrated with F-Secure Framework

First published: 28th September 1999

Management of distributed security becomes a reality

Espoo, Finland, September 28, 1999. - Data Fellows, one of the worlds leading developers of anti-virus and encryption software, announced today that its F-Secure workstation product family now takes advantage of Data Fellows' F-Secure Framework. The F-Secure Framework architecture makes it possible to distribute computer security software to the workstations, gateways, and servers all over the organization without losing the power of centralized, policy-based management of security.

F-Secure Framework is the only solution available today that provides policy-based management for distributed security solutions. The competing policy-based management architectures are only usable for managing security in gateways, whereas F-Secure Framework takes policy-based management to each workstation in the network. Thanks to this feature, the F-Secure products are the most effective way to ensure computer security in a corporate environment.

Usability studies have shown that users spend an inordinate amount of time trying to set up their security software, which causes loss of productivity. Users also have trouble with configuring the security products and may even end up disabling the software. F-Secure Framework makes the installation and updating of the software a centralized task in which the end-user does not need to participate. By creating policies, the administrator can lock down the user settings to best suit the needs of the organization.

F-Secure Framework has a three-tier management architecture. Multiple management servers operate between the Java-based management console and the managed workstations, servers, and gateways. The management system can scale up to the needs of even the largest organizations in the world. F-Secure Framework services can be managed by either Data Fellows F-Secure Administrator management software or with other popular management platforms such as IBM Tivoli.

The following Data Fellows products currently support F-Secure Framework. Each of them represents the best-of-breed solution available in their area: F-Secure VPN+ 4.1 is software to protect data communications from eavesdropping both inside and outside the organization. F-Secure FileCrypto 4.0 is software to encrypt computer files. F-Secure Anti-Virus 5.0 is the most secure malicious code prevention software in the industry. F-Secure Workstation Suite is the only available fully integrated security software package for workstations. F-Secure Anti-Virus for Firewalls 3.0. protects corporate users from malicious code transmitted via SMTP, FTP and HTTP (email, ftp and web browsing)

In the near future, Data Fellows will announce a Framework-aware version of its popular product F-Secure SSH.

Data Fellows also offers third-party software developers an opportunity to integrate their products with F-Secure Framework. See for more information.