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Fix 2000 card supply

First published: 12th October 1999

Hong Kong, October 12 1999: Yui Kee Company Limited, the distributor of EuroSoft's fix2000 card announced that the supply of fix2000 card will be very tight as we approach the millennium.

In September, we fulfilled orders for thousands of fix2000 software and hardware cards, and the orders keep on coming. We have also quoted large orders for thousands of fix2000 card in September.

Our forthcoming batch orders to Eurosoft will be on 1st and 16th of November. Our final order before Y2K will be set on 1st of December. Because of the manufacturing and delivery lead times involved, we will not be able to guarantee delivery before 31st December 1999 for orders made to us after 1st December 1999.

As the order volume is increasing for the last two batches, the per card cost is as low as HK 480. The guarantee period of fix2000 is still unchanged, we will support the hardware card until 31st of March 2000. Please take the advantage of this low price, and the short time left.