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F-Secure Introduces Anti-Virus Software for WAP Gateways

First published: 16th February 2000

Protects Mobile Users and Ensures Safe Wireless Transactions

Espoo, Finland, February 15, 2000 - F-Secure Corporation, a leading developer of centrally managed, widely distributed security solutions for the mobile, distributed enterprise, today introduced virus-protection software for the Wireless Application Protocol. F-Secure Anti-Virus for WAP Gateways is the first product that protects wireless communications, transactions and e-commerce from new and emerging vulnerabilities and exploits, such as those that have been so prominent in the news lately.

F-Secure Anti-Virus for WAP Gateways provides protection against malicious code by checking for viruses and Trojan horses in the content to be transferred to WAP enabled devices. The product detects and disinfects WAP-related malicious content transparently and automatically, providing timely updates of malicious code detection activity. Like all F-Secure products, F-Secure Anti-Virus for WAP Gateways is based on the F-Secure Framework security architecture providing centralized policy based management. The Framework Architecture tightly integrates this product with the range of security applications from F-Secure, including Anti-Virus for workstations and servers, file encryption products, network encryption applications and distributed firewall products.

As companies extend their workforces through telecommuting, corporate information is often created, stored, and accessed outside a companys secure environment. While this trend has meant increased agility for companies, it has also given vandals and cyber- thieves the ability to tap into systems from virtually anywhere.

Recent hacker and denial-of-service attacks dramatically illustrate that new threats can spread in hours, said Risto Siilasmaa, president and CEO of F-Secure Corporation. It is more important than ever to secure the infrastructure in advance, so that protection can be updated quickly when threats emerge. FSAV for WAP extends this philosophy to the growing world of wireless computing.

F-Secure is building on its years of expertise in content scanning with this new product announcement. F-Secure Anti-Virus for WAP Gateways represents an important milestone in the companys stated direction of extending its centrally managed security products and services to the increasingly mobile and distributed enterprises.

Vendors of mobile phones and WAP Gateways have implemented high level of security to the WAP infrastructure from the beginning for confidentiality, privacy and authentication. The new breed of devices, like WAP phones, are combining the worlds of PCs and phones. Content security has been unheard of in the telecom world, while it has been a focus for years in the PC environment.

There are no known instances of in-the-wild malicious code for WAP based devices. Like any computing environment, the WAP could become a target for malicious code. Several types of malicious code are theoretically possible. It is important that an infrastructure be built which can be quickly updated to detect and remove any emerging malicious code threats.

This announcement by F-Secure has profound implications for WAP gateway vendors and major customers alike. For vendors of WAP gateways, the announcement signals F- Secures intent to establish in-depth relationships with all the major vendors. And, by helping to develop the WAP standards, F-Secure can ensure a cooperative environment that is security-aware. Together, F-Secure and the major vendors will ensure that security is built into the very fabric of the wireless environment.

For major customers of WAP technology, this announcement indicates that enhanced security of their highly mobile, wireless environment is now a reality. Through the F- Secure platform, they will be able to react quickly to future threats

F-Secure provides the strongest defenses available today against viruses and other types of malicious code, for both site-based and mobile workers, ensuring maximum system availability and data integrity. The company provides both centralized management and wide distribution, coupled with end-user transparency to ensure that corporate security policies are enforced constantly and consistently, everywhere in the world.

Availability and pricing information will be disclosed in Q2 of this year, according to company spokesmen.