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HKCS installs F-Secure to Protect against Viruses

First published: 08th March 2000

Anti-Virus software is a standard feature of today's PC's, but, as the numbers of viruses and the incidents they cause continue to rise, constant vigilence is required. Yui Kee Computing Limited, the local distributor of F-Secure Anti-Virus and Data Security software recently installed the world-class Finnish product at the HKCS's office. Allan Dyer, technical director of Yui Kee Computing reported, "We disinfected the machines and installed the software. Additionally, the license we donated includes update, upgrade and support of F-Secure for one year."

Yui Kee Computing has been servicing the anti-virus and data security needs of Corporations for over six years. Last year, the company established an Educational Division which has won Educational Department contracts for educational software and web-site production. On the occasion of presenting the license to Daniel Lai, Chairman HKCS, Karen Cheung of Yui Kee Computing said, "We are proud to be able to serve the information security needs of major corporates and government departments. We also like to feedback to the society when we have the chance and resources, for example, in providing Anti-Virus software for the CompuAid project."

Allan Dyer continued, "Viruses are currently the commonest information security incident, and we all know that anti-virus software is important. However, viruses are a moving target, and the key to providing efficient protection becomes distribution of updates, centralised reporting and management. We are also seeing increased interest in other aspects information security, including encryption and authentication. These also require convenient centralised management. The latest products are integrating the management of security applications, and we will soon see the transparent delivery of security to end users - Security as a Service becoming an essential feature of systems."


Mr. Daniel Lai, HKCS President (left), received the F-Secure Anti-Virus software from Mr. Allan Dyer, Technical DirectorMr. Daniel Lai, HKCS President (left), received the F-Secure Anti-Virus software from Mr. Allan Dyer, Technical Director hi-res