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Enhanced Email Security in Hong Kong

First published: 11th April 2001

Yui Kee Launches YKScan - Powered By MessageLabs' Unique Antivirus Scanning Service

Yui Kee Computing, a leading Hong Kong Data Security and Anti-virus consultancy, and MessageLabs, a unique Managed Service Provider specialising in email content filtering with a 100% record for stopping email viruses, announce their new security service alliance. Yui Kee will co-brand MessageLabs' proprietary, Internet-based content-filtering portfolio of services under the name of YKScan, affording its clients a new level of email security and protection against malicious attack from viruses, spam and unwanted content.

Together the two companies offer the world's most advanced anti-virus service, which operates at the Internet level. Powered by a global network of MessageLabs control towers, these towers block viruses and prevent them coming anywhere near corporate network boundaries. The towers operate four anti-virus scanners including Skeptic, MessageLabs' proprietary rules-based, heuristics virus scanner, which uses Artificial Intelligence and does not rely on knowing virus signatures. The three other scanners from leading anti-virus software vendors are automatically updated every ten minutes.

"As the risk to businesses from computer viruses increases month-by-month, Yui Kee is continually looking for new and better ways to provide the most secure data environments for its clients," said Allan Dyer, Yui Kee Computing's Chief Consultant. "With MessageLabs and the YKScan service, we offer an extra layer of security and added reassurance that every ingoing and outgoing email has been scanned with the most advanced and up-to-date email content-filtering technologies.  Allan Dyer, Yui Kee's Chief Consultant, is also a founding member of the Association of Anti-virus Asia Researchers (AVAR) and a respected commentator on data security issues in Hong Kong.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with MessageLabs, pioneering a new approach to detecting viruses in Asia - by scanning at the Internet-level and without needing virus signatures in advance. Combined with our own data security expertise and distributorships, we offer the complete range of end-to-end data security solutions from initial assessment through to implementation and ongoing monthly support."

"We are delighted that Yui Kee Computing has partnered MessageLabs to create YKScan - a brand new, powerful email content-filtering service for its clients," said Nick Hawkins, Vice President of MessageLabs Asia Pacific. "We believe the two companies' combined expertise and services, and shared vision for secure Internet communications, will make a significant contribution to protecting Hong Kong's businesses against the rising threat from virus attack."