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Guidelines on Suspicious Mail

This is an example policy. We do not recommend it for any purpose

This document recommends procedures for handling physical mail (not e-mail). Following the increase of terrorist activity worldwide, staff should be on guard against dangerous packages arriving in the post, or by courier. There is no reason to think that Company Name would be chosen as a target - it is probably extremely unlikely, so staff should not worry unduly.

Staff may also recieve warnings from other sources, e-mail in particular. Many of these warnings are hoaxes and untrue - a well-known hoax about the "Klingerman Virus" has been circulating recently - it is untrue, there is no such virus. In general, do not follow the instructions in warnings unless they come directly from a known, authoritative source, the Hong Kong Police, for example. Any warnings received in e-mail should be forwarded to Technical Support for verification.

Threats in physical mail can be divided into two categories: biological and explosive.


The following signs should increase your level of suspicion: