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Yui Kee and Hong Kong Productivity Council Announce Anti-Virus Training Course

First published: 21st July 2000

Yui Kee Computing Ltd., a leading Anti-Virus and Data Security company in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Productivity Council announced a new training course aimed at improving anti-virus protection in Hong Kong. Allan Dyer, Chief Consultant of Yui Kee Computing Ltd. explained the move, "Our recent surveys found a very low level of Data Security Training in corporates, less than one in ten. But having a data security policy means nothing if the staff do not know it exists or how it applies to their jobs. Therefore, we decided to co-operate with the Hong Kong Productivity Council to provide courses to address this lack." The first course is called "Understanding and Protecting your organisation against viruses, worms and other malware".

Starting in August, the Anti-Virus course is aimed at System Administrators and other technical staff. "Our survey showed that computer viruses were the top security risk for corporates, and that 62% had encountered one during the past year. This course will empower organisations to take control of their virus problem", commented Allan Dyer. "We intend to provide other data security related courses with the HKPC in future", continued Allan.

The course will take place on 15-16 August and cost HK$2800 per participant. Topics will include concepts, costs and effect on security models, history, technical descriptions, anti-virus techniques, the law, ethics, epidemiology, and protection methods. Application forms and full details are available from the HKPC.

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p0001850.jpg Yui Kee and partners - from left to right: Savio Chan, Yui Kee; Nancy Ho, marketing manager of Trend Micro Ltd.; Fritz Chiu, Hong Kong Productivity Council; Milhy Chiu, Hong Kong Baptist University SAMS Training & Research Unit ; Allan Dyer, Yui Kee; Karen Cheung, Yui Kee.